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From a humble back yard beginning to a one stop shop…

Tim began building custom cabinets in a back yard garage shop in 1979. From there he grew his business to become an industry leader in specialty products and design. Then, in 1999, something happened that would make most people call it quits. They lost everything to a fire. Tim and Colleen, along with their children; Levi, Luke, Zane, and Megan had to start over at square one. They rebuilt around the concept of becoming a one-stop-shop. Tim created a  34,000 sq. foot production area, 20,000 sq. foot sheltered storage, 80,000 board feet of kiln drying capacity, and an 11,000 sq. foot showroom. All of this, plus their commitment to quality, set them above all other competition.

Being in business for so many years we have overcome many obstacles along the way. In continuing our quest to offer the best products available, ideas and concepts have been born to push Acorn above the rest. Tim’s mind never rests and in that he has created sister companies that support the needs of Acorn but also help bridge the gab in machinery for other companies. He has traveled the world over to help design and manufacture state of the art equipment.All Tim-E Machinery is part of that bridge. We sell equipment worldwide and also use them in-house, giving us the ability to produce and manufacture 98% of the wood products we sell. This allows us to offer products at a very competitive price and pass these savings on to you, the customer.

With all of the wood products we produce you can bet we make a lot of saw dust, but we also have usable material left over that is to small to create flooring, paneling, or cabinets with. Tim’s fascination with creating a product from our scrap wood and constant desire to offer unique products led him to create Born Again Woods. Born Again Woods utilizes the drops from our reclaimed production line to create laser engraved wood signs. These sign signs offer the unique look that reclaimed wood has to offer and also generates an outlet for our scraps, helping to keep our environment healthier.

 The Duffney’s are focused on the future of Acorn Millwork and the one-of-a-kind products and services we offer to our most important asset: OUR CUSTOMER!