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Our in house production of flooring and paneling creates the perfect look.


Flooring is one of our biggest manufactured products. Our selection of flooring is endless. We offer any species of wood and grade; in any width. We can customize the look using techniques that include: hand scraped, brushed, circle sawn, and many more. With our optimizer and end-match machine we can make you the perfect floor that will lay better than any other product in the industry.

Our end-matched hardwood flooring is normally sold as a 2-1/4” to 3” face in lengths varying from 12” to 96”.

We offer many different species of woods: alder, aspen, basswood, birch, black ash, butternut, cedar, cherry, hickory, maple, oak, #2 pine, #3 pine, and white ash. Other species available upon request…if it’s a tree, we can get it!

We also offer reclaimed with a story…

Flooring from centuries ago had a distinctive character that we can re-create just for you. When it comes to reclaimed wood, our team carefully removes nails, bolts, and debris in order to prepare the wood to be milled. These holes and unique markings are what make reclaimed wood so special. With our endless knowledge of reclaimed wood and our top of the line equipment, including our kiln, we make sure your reclaimed flooring is at the proper moister level so we can give you that one of a kind floor that will last you a life. Few others in the industry have all the equipment on site to get the job done right like we do.

Face styles, available on most new wood:
Circle Sawn
Hatchet Hewn

Reclaimed face styles, available on most woods:
Circle Sawn
Full Plane
Hatchet Hewn
Natural Brushed
Skip Sawn


Adding paneling to your home or cabin is an easy way to bring in a new unique look. Add it to one wall for an accent or do them all to wrap your room in beauty and warmth. Our hardwood paneling comes end matched for easy install in over 10 species including oak, ash, walnut, basswood, hickory, cherry, aspen, and butternut. We also offer several grades of pine and knotty cedar available in 3″, 5″, and 6 3/4″ widths. If all these choices aren’t enough for you, throw in our relcaimed paneling that includes reclaimed barn board in red, grey, or brown, 1909 hemlock, and amazing California redwood. Check out our pricing guide to see what other options we have. If you are looking for something special, chances are we can get it!